Microsoft Office 365

What is it? 

Microsoft Office 365 is not just Word, Excel, and Outlook. It covers a Majority of the Server Offerings and Applications in the cloud instead of having to purchase your own server\s or constantly changing versions of Office Products as they regularly do. The products available to the small business that is just getting started, to the large enterprise business. The tools at your disposal can make your business grow, while keeping your bottom line under control. Who would have thought that you could have a fully functional Exchange Server for just 1 user, 50 user, 100 user, and so much more? Plans can include full office installations that can be used online, your PC, MAC, and even iPads. The options in Office 365 do not stop there, Microsoft has opened up a world to its users under Office 365.

Look at what can be brought to your Business to improve the work flow and processes:

Hosted Exchange Server         Visio    Project  Project Online           Office 365 Developer

Yammer                      Dynamics CRM           Office Pro        SharePoint

OneDrive                     Lync                 Exchange Archiving                Azure               Office

What can it do for my business and me?

If you can think of an environment that whether you’re one, or many, and can work from just about anywhere, or on different devices depending on what is available at the time.

  • How productive could you be?
  • Close that deal now!
  • Send that email now!
  • Change your schedule now!
  • Share the data now!
  • Get the information you need to succeed now!

Let LNI-BTM help you find the tools that work for your business to succeed. We are ready to demonstrate a new way to do business with Microsoft.