I Work 365 Days A Year Without Vacations. I Need Attention TOO!

October 11th, 2009 by

We all like to think of ourselves as the hardest, most dedicated worker of the business. This is probably true in a lot of ways, but actually your computer is!, what gets done if your computer, server, or other aspects to your network are malfunctioning? Not very much!. The trend during the financial situation is to take care of the aging hardware and software,  and only replace if absolutely necessary.  So our old friendly computer employee needs to be checked up on to make sure they are given every opportunity to make it through these times until you can retire them, or move them to less critical functions in the company. Computer or person, we can get viruses; computers can get malware, spyware, and hardware issues.  This will slow productivity of yourself and employee’s if you have them. This is why a checkup is necessary to make sure that none of this is causing a slow down, and also check updates, and evaluate whether it will be cost effective to upgrade items like memory as an example to give your computer, or computers an extended business life.