Tape Backups VS. OnlineOffsite Backups

November 16th, 2009 by

Why revisit the online backup option? As you make the choice to either purchase a new server, or your current server is aging, the tape backup options are becoming obsolete.  Let me give you an example of a new purchase:  Your cost involved of a new backup system will consist of the tape drive or other device backup, the software to perform the backup (Usually requires yearly renewal for support and updates), and then multiple device cartridges in order to remove them offsite for security, and fulfilling disaster recovery of data.(Tape options recommend replacing tapes yearly). Depending on how much data is to be backed up, the cost of hardware will fluctuate. This option can add anywhere from $1000.00 to 3 or 4 thousand dollars and up, and not counting reoccurring costs.  This leads into the older backup scenario example: Backup drives have a life span that is mainly ruled by how long your warranty replacement is, and how long will the manufacturer produce the drive. If you have a server that is damaged (fire, water, natural disaster) or stolen, and have tapes but no tape drive replacement to restore data! What good are they now? Attempt to locate a recovery site for existing tapes cost money and time. That means loss of $$$$$!
          Technology is always changing and the online backup scenario is a change for the better. No Hardware necessary (unless wanting to take advantage of the duel use portion of client that can do an online and onsite backup) Install the client to the Server, PC, or Laptop and as long as you have internet connectivity, your worries are behind you. We support Windows Servers (SBS, StdEnterprise, Exchange, SQL, Mac, and more). You can get a file restored over the web. Be relaxed in knowing that you will receive an email when your backups have been completed, and if there have been any issues, you will be notified also. Call or email us, so we can talk about the affordable peace of mind of LNI can offer you. ****FIRST MONTH FREE***