Microsoft Windows 7

November 16th, 2009 by

Microsoft Windows 7
Should or Can you upgrade ?
By: Greg Lawton

Windows 7 has been released and many users have been waiting for it instead of using Microsoft Vista. It is very much like Vista, but as you dig deeper into compatibility with most of the business office’s day to day applications, it is not like Vista or XP. Not to get into the technical mumbo jumbo, it is written different then its previous versions. What this means to allot of office’s is that you will need to do a little homework before making the step forward. An example would be that Intuit has stated that they will only support Quick Books 2010, even though older version will install properly. Customers using Sage Timeslips will not be able to upgrade at all since they do not support Windows 7 as of yet. So as you think of your budgeting dollars and your in need of new workstation, just follow these suggestions I have written to make sure you are not going to be left with computers you cannot use. Most of the distributors like Dell and HP,  etc.  are making new PC purchases available with XP or Vista with a Windows 7 upgrade disk included (XP will be unavailable soon though)
This is why you need a company like Lawton Networks, Inc, to do the homework. If we do not already know the answer to your questions, we will find the answer.